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Sarah Rieke

Hi there. I’m Sarah – thirty-something wife, mom, Christ-follower, and two-time infant loss survivor. I’m glad you’re here.

My heart beats for Jesus and His purpose for me, a purpose I didn’t realize I had until I lost my daughter, Evie, in 2012 and then my son, Charlie, in 2015. Those losses have left me with a deep passion for stories – mine and yours – and what they can do for our world. I believe the Lord has written a unique story for each one of us and, if we’re brave enough to share, we can point people straight into His loving, healing, and everlasting arms.

I’m a hardcore ISFJ, if that helps anyone. I like my coffee decaf and my desserts chocolate. I wish I could sit down with every person I ask “How are you doing today?” and really hear how they are doing that day. I think it’s often so much more than the simple, ok, can afford. I’m together and a mess, organized and scatterbrained, wildly happy and deeply grieved. This is my world. Living. Loving. Pressing on.

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