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Enlisted as an emerging hub for esports and iGaming, Intema Solution Inc. is proud to sign a strategic letter of intent to Livestream Gaming Ltd, Belize on 30 April 2021. It aims at expanding its betting cluster for sports. In accordance with the report, all the released and remaining Livestream Securities for $14,750,000 to the security holders shall be carried out as part of a proposed transaction under the pact. The Livestream company is the proud owner of the leading LOOT.BET sports betting channel and will grant LOOT.BET rights to the Intema company too. The work will play an important role in improving the holding of Intema in the sport brotherhood.

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Globally acclaimed

LOOT.BET offers its diverse fan cluster world-class facilities and instruments as a world-famous portal for betting on sports or singapore online casino. The site provides a wide range of features including video poker and live betting services. The company has a close relationship with leading sports studios, owners and associates. It is a matter of pride to be an active supporter of the Esports Integrity Commission, an association that monitors violence. Livestream’s total sales by 2020 were EUR 3.22 million and its profit by Asian and European players was EUR 79 806. In 2010.

Peter Zhalov, Livestream’s CEO, spoke of the collaboration and said the incorporation would help them explore the North American market and make them more expensive. The team is optimistic about Intema’s future, and in a short period has succeeded. In order to further its ambitions, the company is very pleased to cooperate with Intema.

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Intema pays the balance accordingly: 

  • 8 million dollars in currency
  • Using a secured supplier, $4,000,000 take note of Intema’s 12% interest rate. In the ninth month after the closing date, the first $2,000,000 process is to maturity. The rest shall be due in the 18th month after the closing date.
  • The issuance of $2,750,000 shall be charged Intema’s common stock. They will be released on the TSX Venture Exchange on the day of the signature at a price that is equal to the average five-day volume-weighted trading price for the shares.
  • Furthermore, Intema will pay $3,000,000 in cash in the form of a Milestone Payment as extra sum for holders:
  • $1,500,000- For the 12 months after the closure period, Livestream will generate a minimum gross revenue of $7,500,000.
  • An additional $1,500,000—In Livestream’s 13 to 24 months after the closure date, the minimum gross play production will be $11,250,000.

Minimum capital 

For 2 years after the closing date, the company will pay Livestream a minimum capital investment of $6,000,000. The transaction term proposed ends according to the agreement in the third quarter of this year. Intema shall carry out a privately held total sales gross subscription receipt of at least $ 110,000,000,000 at a market rate determined cost per subscription receipt.

Intema was a sensible next move for online casino JDL LOOT.BET to continue to expand in North America and to enhance its traffic, while boosting its sales by using synergies with complementary companies. In a very brief amount of time, we are struck by what Intema has done. We are looking forward to seeing the future until all the ingredients exist, and we are delighted to be involved in it,” Livestream CEO Peter Zhalov said.


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