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Again, I did not sew anything today.  I need to go to the fabric store and have yet to do so.  But I do have another inspirational fabric pattern that I wanted to share.  

I picked up this little guy on one of my treks to Fabric Hut:

For those of you who don’t know, the theme in my mom’s kitchen is strawberries.  And that is kind of an understatement.  Seriously there is not a single square inch of that room that is not covered in some decorative strawberry-embellished knick-knack.  So when I saw this fat square (real name, not offensive)  I had to buy it.  I brainstormed a little, and by brainstormed I mean pinterested, and decided to make some placemats.  

I still need to go to the fabric store and decide what color back to make.  I also wanted to do sort of a quilt-type placemat, so I need to see what else I can find.  But I am excited and I hope my mom likes them!  

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  • button3 - great find! she is gonna love what ever you make with that fabric. πŸ™‚ can't wait to see the finished product.ReplyCancel

Today I didn’t actually sew anything, but I did go on a hunt at one of my favorite thrift stores for fabric, etc.  I wanted to buy a pillow form to well, make a pillow.  I came home with this little guy for $1.98.

Please keep in mind I will only be using the pillow on the inside.  The outside is not really my style.

I also browsed the linens section and found a couple of old pillowcases and a piece of white denim/linen type material for $0.69 each.  Hooray!!  I plan to make a couple more bibs from these.  

I am not sure whether to use the yellow or white fabric as the back of the bibs … what do you think?  

Hmm, maybe one of each is in order!  I like the sound of that.  

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So as my first project after a brief hiatus, I decided to tackle some baby bibs thanks to a great tutorial I found on pinterest.  

It was a great tutorial except for the fact that my understanding of the project was a little off.  I had envisioned trimming the entire bib in bias tape but that is not what the instructions actually said.  Some improvisation was in order, which is a little scary considering my novice-ness (is that a word?).  

Long story short, it took me about two hours to make this creation:

It was so, SO hard for me to figure out how to sew the bias tape around the edge.  I had it all pinned but things went askew from time to time.  I also had threaded the bobbin wrong causing some weirdness.  It was so late by the time I was done I decided to save the other bib for the next day.  

The next night I stayed a little closer to the tutorial directions.  It went a little more smoothly.  I still had trouble with the bobbin which, unfortunately, I did not fix until the end.  Oh well.  Here is my second little bib, made from an old flannel pillowcase:

The pocket part is made from the side of the pillowcase which had some pretty little eyelet designs.  In case you’re wondering why I made girly bibs, these are intended to be gifted to a friend who recently had a baby girl and loves vintage-y and not too girly designs.  I thought these would work.  I am finding out more and more what a perfectionist I actually am because the flaws in these projects makes me not want to give them away.  My husband urges me to do so anyway, so I am trying to get over it!  

For day twelve I want to finish up the last bib – I wanted to make a set of three.  Hopefully it will all come together really well.  Three’s a charm, right!?  

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  • Darla - I'm the same way, with "perfection" if gifting. BUT bibs are so useful and who looks at them at close? Just tell her you are learning something new and thinking about her…presto. The perfect bib!ReplyCancel