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Heart Lessons Podcast // Episode Eighteen // the Reluctant Missionary

Episode 18

Joining me for Episode 18 of Heart Lessons is photographer, author, former missionary, and recovering perfectionist, Miah Oren. In her new book, The Reluctant Missionary, Miah talks about her experience teaching English oversees and the struggles and challenges she faced there. She talks about how she felt like God set her up to fail because she was placed in the worst school with a very distrustful staff and hundreds of students she felt she was unable to reach effectively. She returned home two years later depressed and angry with God. It wasn’t until she reconnected with a fellow English teacher back home in Dallas that she learned that she really had been used by God in the very best way. You won’t want to miss that redeeming part of her story. For any of you out there struggling with feeling like you’ve failed God and there is no way He can pick up the pieces you’ve left behind, Miah’s story will move your heart to see otherwise.

Heart Lesson:

God loves you and you are enough.

Connect with Miah: website // twitter // instagram // book

Resources Mentioned:

Celebrate Recovery

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Episode 18

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