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Heart Lessons Podcast // Episode Fifteen // For Such a Time as This

Episode 15 - Lauren Casper

Joining me today on Heart Lessons is Lauren Casper. She is an amazing wife, mom, and writer but to me personally, she is an amazing friend. In the few years Lauren and I lived near each other, we both walked through some really hard things – life-changing diagnoses, losses, and other big life transitions. While we never would have wished to know the pain like we did, we were glad to have each other. I love Lauren so much and her friendship means so much to me. I know you’ll love her too and be challenged to be an even better friend.

Heart Lessons:

It’s so important to simply validate what another person is feeling when they are going through a difficult time.

It’s ok to not have the answers and sit silently with a friend. It’s ok to not know what to say.

Coffee. All the coffee.

Connect with Lauren: blog // instagram // twitter // ebook

Resources Mentioned:

Missing Pieces, by Jennifer Rothschild

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