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Heart Lessons Podcast | Episode Eleven | It is Well

Episode 11 - It is Well

Today’s episode of Heart Lessons features my special guest, my husband Josh. Our intention in recording this episode was to be a resource to moms, dads, and couples walking the difficult road of infant loss. We want to contribute to the resources out there that can help, specifically dads, in that journey. In this episode, we talk about the events of our losses – from diagnosis day, to delivery story, to our time with each baby, and life afterwards. Josh shares what his thought processes and feelings were during those times. He also answers some questions submitted by blog followers and podcast listeners, including his bonding process, his strategy for supporting me through it all, and what his advice would be to a dad facing infant loss. Toward the end, we share what brought us through as a couple and what kept us connected to each other instead of growing apart. Josh also shares his prayer – his “heart lesson” through it all – that it is well with his soul.

I realize this episode is almost double what most other Heart Lessons podcasts have been. Honestly, we just started talking and the clock kept going. You might need to listen to this episode in sections but, I think, it’s certainly worth the taking the time to do so.

Thank you for supporting Heart Lessons. If you know someone who could use this resource, this episode or any other Heart Lessons podcast episode, please feel free to share it. Nothing encourages me more than to know that people are listeningĀ and being encouraged themselves. Thank you all so much.

Godfried!! The security guard’s name was Godfried šŸ™‚ It was killing us and we remembered!! lolĀ 

Heart Lesson:

It is well with my soul. (story link here)

Connect with Josh: email // twitter

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