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The Heart Lessons Podcast // Episode Thirty-Three // Living Beyond Expectations

Episode 33

Hi friends! I’m so happy to be back doing this podcast with you! I took a break after my son was born in November and intended to come back in February but that did not happen. But I’m glad to be back now sharing stories with you of women doing amazing things.

My guest today in an old college friend, Brittany Meng. Brittany shares about being the mom of twins, mothering four boys, transitioning from working to being a SAHM, and the long process of uncovering her son’s autism diagnosis. And, of course, she shares her heart lesson about realizing the importance of asking for help and living in community.

I hope you listen and enjoy and find yourself encouraged and inspired to listen to the Lord’s voice in your own life and discover a heart lesson of your own.

Heart Lesson: Realizing the importance of asking for help and living in community.

Connect with Brittany: blog // facebook // twitter // Mothering Beyond Expectations

We Mention:

Modern Mrs. Darcy

The Out of Sync Child

Mothering Beyond Expectations

Why Potty Training is Just the Worst

It’s Okay About It

My Favorite Thoughts from Our Conversation:

(with regards to making a difficult decision) Do the thing that is going to bring you the most peace.

Trust your gut with your kids.

Expectations can cause us to stumble when our expectations are slammed up against reality.

Receiving takes its own type of strength.

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Come find me over on instagram and we can continue this conversation over there! Look out for #wednesdaysword on Wednesday for a short little devotional thought centered around one word, and again on Thursday for #heartlessons where I’ll remind you of the heart lesson the guest shared that week on the podcast, unpack it a little, and invite you to share your own #heartlesson . Can’t wait to see you there 🙂

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