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Baby Silas’s Birth Story

Hi friends! I’m excited to share Silas’s birth story with you today. His birth story is basically the one I had been dreaming of having since my first baby six years ago. Since we are pretty certain this is our last baby, I am really thankful to have been able to have had this experience.

So I woke up Friday morning (11/18) with the same lower abdominal cramps that I had gone to bed with the night before. About an hour later they were a bit more noticeable and what I would call early labor contractions. After a little while of those I got very nervous about what would happen if I suddenly went into super active labor while I was home alone with my kids and so I called my mom and mother-in-law to come over just in case. Josh also decided to come home from work. This was about 9:30 am.

I had my standard 39 week appointment that same afternoon around 1:30 pm and so Josh and I headed off with our bags packed, just in case. After being checked, the report was that I was about 3 cm dilated but not very effaced at all and the baby had not dropped. The midwife told me that things were happening but she didn’t want to admit me just yet. So we went home.

Since we were pretty sure we would be having a baby sometime within the next several hours, Micah and Jocelyn went home with their grandmas and I went upstairs to take a nap. It was about 3:30 at this point.

I woke up from that nap about an hour later with some significantly stronger contractions than I had been feeling up until that point. I got out of bed at around 5pm and spent the next 45 minutes or so upstairs laboring.

Just before 6pm I headed downstairs. I had started to really work during the contractions and was beginning to sweat and shake. I called the midwife and told her what was happening. She told us to go ahead and come on in.

I walked up to the midwifery center and checked in at about 6:30. I was so excited when the midwife told me I was 6-7 cm dilated! My fear was that I would still have barely progressed but that wasn’t the case. The nurse high-fived me. I was so happy and started tearing up. I spent about 20 minutes on the fetal monitor before I was allowed to get into the birthing tub.

Being in that warm water was just so relaxing. I was able to relax so fully in between contractions and even during a contraction was better able to work with it rather than fight against it. It really made such a difference.

After about 30/45 minutes in the water I was really going through some hard transition contractions. After a couple of those the midwife decided to go ahead and break my water. I am not kidding when I say that immediately after she broke my water I sunk back down into the tub, bared down, and pushed my baby out.┬áThe midwife guided him gently out of the water and there he was – chubby, red, and screaming. I was in absolute shock that it had happened so quickly. It was pretty amazing.








Silas Archer, born 11/18/16 at 7:50 pm, 7 lb. 5.5 oz. 20 in.

Life with sweet baby Silas is just that … sweet. I love watching Micah and Jocelyn interact with their new baby brother. I love watching him smile at them and turn from fussing to contentment when they start chatting with him. But it’s also been a pretty big adjustment for me to go from two kids at home to three. And the lack of sleep … oy. But it really is good and such a blessing to have him here.

In Aramaic the name Silas means “asked”. And that’s just what he is to us – a healthy baby we asked God for, to bring continued healing and wholeness to our family. I am so excited to see what the future holds for him because this is the child we prayed for and the one God chose to give us. We love him and are so thankful he is here.


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