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A Sweet Baby Girl

Today marked 20 weeks with Baby #4.  We found out that she’s pink, just like her two big sisters before her.  Pink girly bundles are always sweet.

But we are sad to announce, like her oldest sister, she will be flying to Jesus much earlier than we’d ever anticipated.  Her collection of anomalies are similar to Evie’s and yet different, the end result still being the same.

We’ve yet to have our official ultrasound with the high risk doctor, which will be much more definitive and hopefully diagnostic.  Until then we know what we know – this sweet baby girl won’t be with us for long.

Friends we are in need of prayers once again.  The sustaining kind.  The guiding kind.  The strengthening kind.  We’re ok – we know we can survive this.  It just really, really stinks that we have to again.

Please pray for a spot to open at the ever-busy high risk doctor so we can get more info on our sweetie.  Please pray for guidance for our future as this could potentially change the move we had planned.  This pregnancy also might pose some risk to me (placenta previa), so please pray that will stay under control and maybe even resolve itself.  And please pray that we can land on a beautiful, meaningful name for this precious baby girl.

Thank you.  And here we go again …

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