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The Heart Lessons Podcast // Episode Thirty // Anchors, Calm, and Rest for the Soul


On today’s episode of Heart Lessons (Episode 30 … what?!) my special guest is Emily Chapman Richards, oldest daughter of singer-songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman and bestselling author Mary Beth Chapman. We chat about what it was like growing up in her home with her father being who he was, the origins of her passion for adoption and orphan care. Emily also shares what it was like to lose her youngest sister just months before she got marries. We talk about her time living in Ireland and how that impacted her in a big way for pursuing a more dialed down pace of life and embracing time for rest and relationships even in the middle of a busy day. Emily’s heart lesson is just so perfect, she shares a verse that reflects how, when our anchor is firm and secure in the deep calm of Jesus, it doesn’t really matter what the storm is like on the surface. I love that insight and I know you are going to love hearing from Emily.

Heart Lesson: Drop the anchor of your soul into calm waters despite the storm on the surface. (from Isaiah 30:15)

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We Mention:

Compassion International

Show Hope

Choosing to See

Steven Curtis Chapman

Queen’s University Belfast


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