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The Heart Lessons Podcast // Episode Twenty-Nine // She’s Got Issues


Today’s episode features author and speaker Nicole Unice. I had the opportunity to talk face to face with Nicole late this past summer and it was such an encouraging experience for me. Today we chat about Nicole’s book, She’s Got Issues, about the six core issues that seem to plague women from the time they are teenagers. I ask specific questions about comparison as it relates to social media, control and when to know if we’ve crossed the line, and what happens when our deepest fears become our realities. This episode is a bit shorter than the average Heart Lessons podcast but it is so dense with amazing truths. Listen and be encouraged and then let me know what part touched you the most, what Heart Lesson you were able to come away with. I know there are so, so many.

Heart Lesson: God is a generous God with His love and with His presence for my own struggles and places of need.

Connect with Nicole: website // blog // books // facebook // twitter

We Mention:

James 1:5

Parable of the Prodigal Son

Romans 8:38-39

Psalm 27:13

Tell me, what did you love about this episode? There was so much truth and so many quotable parts. I would love to know which part of this struck a chord with your heart. Share with me via facebook or instagram or shoot me an email!

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