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The Heart Lessons Podcast // Episode Twenty-Eight // Embrace the Life You’ve Been Given



My guest for this episode of Heart Lessons is Katie Moormann. I was able to connect with Katie through a mutual friend and I’m so glad I did. Katie has three children and her middle daughter, June, has special needs – a combination of autism and cerebral palsy but no official genetic diagnosis yet. We talk about what it’s like to have a seven year old with special needs and how Katie handles her emotions when life feels frustrating and overwhelming. We talk about self-care and being intentional about spending time with her other children and husband. She shares practical ways to support and show love to her and her family. Katie also gives us gracious words to say to those we might encounter at Target or the playground who have children with special needs. I feel so privileged to share Katie’s story with you and I know you will be challenged to find contentment and embrace the life God has given you, no matter what it looks like.

Heart Lesson: Embrace the life you’ve been given with thankfulness.

Connect with Katie: blog //email

We Mention:

Isaiah 58:11

ABA Therapy


Examples of Sensory Play

Botanical Gardens

Jesus heals a blind man





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