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Heart Lessons Podcast // Episode 25 // Looking for Lovely

Episode 25


In today’s episode of Heart Lessons you will hear from author, speaker, and podcaster Annie F. Downs. We talk about the books she’s written and about her latest book that just released this spring, Looking for Lovely. Annie shares her journey of how she got to be where she is now which included dozens of rejections from publishers, she talks about what it means to cultivate a gentle and quiet spirit and that it has little to do with decibels, and how we can wait well in our waiting seasons. I know you will love hearing from Annie.

Heart Lesson: Discovering what it means for God to be constant even in the midst of change.

Connect with Annie: website // facebook // instagram // twitter // podcast

We Mention:

Her Books

Looking for Lovely Weekend

Ryman Auditorium

Emily Freeman/Hope Writers

One Thousand Gifts


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