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Five on Friday

Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends! I suddenly decided to undertake potty-training this week since we didn’t have a lot planned and so we’ve been in. A lot. And I need space and I’m sooo tired of saying, “Tell mommy when you need to go potty, ok?” Eesh. Anyway, enough potty talk, here is my Five on Friday …

Reading: Simply Tuesday, by Emily Freeman. Such a good book about taking the time to slow down and see God in life’s small “Tuesday” moments. Highly recommended. This is my favorite quote so far:

In my own life, I’m discovering that the subtle difference between my work feeling heavy and my work feeling light lies 100 percent on whether or not I’m holding onto the outcome of my work. When I trade all the effort I put into controlling outcomes with co-carrying the light, easy yoke of Christ, my small moments feel different.¬†

Don’t you love that?! It spoke volumes to me.

I also quickly re-read 3 Day Potty Training, by Lora Jensen. This was the method I used with Micah and it really did work. Although I don’t think I would have called him a master of the potty by the end of day three. Still though, it was a good method and what I am currently using for Jocelyn too. It also seems to be working¬†pretty well.

Listening to: This episode of Risen Motherhood. I just needed the balance between that above-mentioned potty training method and the reality that sometimes it doesn’t work exactly like the book says it will. In real life we need to know both things.

Loving: Playing legos with my boy. Josh suggested we try and put Micah’s lego sets together and organized separately from his “freeplay” lego bricks and, while I fought it at first (like I wanted another thing to add to my to-do list …), it has actually been really fun. Micah goes through a lego instruction booklet and I find the pieces for him and he assembles them. It’s just a super fun way to spend time together and it also feels productive. I like combining those two things as much as possible.

Also loving? This toothy grin. When did him turn into such a big kid???14044919_10102763576303288_1705552925_o

Making: Cilantro-Lime Rice. It’s a knock-off Chipotle recipe and always a huge hit. Everyone asks me how you make it and truly, it couldn’t be simpler. Basically you just make regular white rice and stir in lime and cilantro after it is done cooking. Seriously, that’s all. And it’s yummy. And easy.

Hoping: That this potty training venture will show its worth. My goodness. It is no joke and not for the faint of heart! The 3 Day method can be summed up in one word: hover. And hovering for 3 full days is hard for this introverted mama. But I am hopeful that this method will work again and Joci will be well on her way to owning that potty! Fingers crossed …

That’s all from me friends. I’m sorry I used the word potty so much …

How about you? Tell me all the wonderful things you’re up to!!

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