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Heart Lessons Podcast // Episode Twenty-One // Living Grace

Episode 21

My guest on episode twenty-one of the Heart Lessons podcast is Kami Lingren who blogs at Living Grace: Finding Life in the Desert, where she shares her experience battling chronic illness. On today’s podcast Kami shares about her journey with Lyme Disease, from diagnosis, to treatment plans, to what it looks like to live with this disease, and the hardest part of living with Lyme. She also shares practical tips on how to support a loved one struggling with chronic illness. Her heart lesson is taken straight from the life of Jesus when He walked this earth and I know the reality of it will touch your heart just like it did for me. Kami exudes sweetness and grace and I can’t wait for you to hear all she has to share.

Heart Lesson:

It’s not unholy to be in the midst of the darkness of where your heart is sitting in response to your struggle.

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Kami’s Favorite Resources:

International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society

Do I Have Lyme?

Grace is Sufficient: Finding Peace and Purpose after Diagnosis

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