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Ten years ago today I walked down the aisle, bouquet of red roses in my hand, cheeks flushed with excitement and anticipation and aching from smiling so big, eyes brimming with tears. Ten years ago today I linked arms with my best friend and told him I’d stand with him forever, no matter what life would bring. Ten years ago today I was a bride on her wedding day.

we did it!

Ten years ago life seemed so simple. It seemed so full of hope and bliss and opportunity. Ten years ago we weren’t privvy to real suffering or the fact that Josh leaves his sweaty, stinky workout socks literally anywhere and everywhere, all over the house. Those are the things that take time to realize.

But ten years ago today I don’t know that I would know how much I really, truly needed that man in my life. How he would lead in good times and crisis times, how he would know exactly what to say to lift me up, how he would love and shepherd our children. I didn’t know. Those things take time as well.

In his book, You and Me Forever, Francis Chan talks about loving his wife with an eternal perspective:

Because I am crazy about [my wife], I want her to have a great life. But more than that, I want her to have a great eternity. I want her to look back at her life without regret. I want her to be confident that the time she spent on earth prepared her for heaven. Most importantly, I want her to hear God say, “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.” (Matthew 25:23). 

This man that I married has my best at heart. He encourages me in my faith, in my motherhood, in my creative pursuits. He knows that there are bigger things at work than just what we can see on earth.

Happy anniversary to my iron sharpener, my beloved, and my friend. Here’s to many more <3

wedding kiss

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