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Five on Friday

Five on Friday

My week has been weird … lots of busy stuff and kids staying up late and schedules being thrown off. And eating wayyyy too much leftover birthday cake from Joci’s celebration Saturday. And I kept feeling like every day was Monday. What’s up with that? But nothing to complain about really. Here’s what I’m reading, listening to, loving, making, and hoping … I would love to hear yours too!!

Reading: Looking for Lovely, by Annie F. Downs. This book just released a couple months ago and it’s so great. I’ve been so challenged to stop and look for the small, lovely moments God puts in my life. Her writing style is so easy to read and her stories very relatable. Love it so much.

Listening to: The Happy Hour, with Jamie Ivey podcast. She has such a great interview style and wonderful guests. I feel like I learn so much not only as a listener, but also as a growing podcaster in desperate need of guidance from someone much more experienced than I am! I really wish I could go out to coffee with her and say, “teach me,” and then absorb all the podcast-y wisdom she has. Dreams of mine 😉

ps … if you’re interested in something new to listen to, I was so privileged for the opportunity to share my story on the Tell Her Story podcast this week. Click here to check it out.

Loving: Weekly trips to the beach. Since we moved last summer we are a bit more inland and our drives to our favorite beach take 40 minutes instead of 7, but the kids and I still usually pack up PB&Js and trek out there once a week. I love taking the time to step out from my house where the to-do list is so in my face and spend a few hours soaking up the sun and the sweet moments with my kiddos. Truly loving it.


Making: So this year for Independence Day, in order for all the family to get together before work, etc., we are having brunch instead of a typical cookout. It seems kinda fun! So, I’ll be making these cinnamon rolls. Seriously, best ever. The instructions seem intimidating as first, but read through them and you’ll realize none of the steps are difficult and the rolls are for real out of this world delicious. Alton Brown, you culinary genius you.

I’ll tell you what I’m definitely not making. I tried an Indonesian Peanut Chicken recipe this week … totally not for us. Josh literally spit it out of his mouth. He ended up rinsing off the goopy sauce and making a standard stir fry that we could all actually consume. Phew, talk about dinner fail! Safe to say that one won’t be making it onto the dinner rotation …

Hoping: For continued guidance as I write and pursue podcast guests and all the things I think God has for me right now. Right now taking things one or two weeks at a time is about all I have energy for, but I’m trusting that God knows my limits and that this is enough.

I hope your summer is off to a wonderful start. Would love to hear what’s new in your world!!

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